CFI To Introduce New Pay Package For Experienced OTR Drivers

by Jake Tully - Published: 11/20/2017

Earlier today CFI, a Joplin-Missouri based trucking carrier and subsidiary of TFI International announced the Experienced Driver compensation package, a pay package for current company drivers and future CFI drivers that join the company that will be introduced on November 26 of this year.

According to CFI, the Experienced Driver package applies to truckers who have received experience for driving long hauls with CFI or another trucking companies as well as military veterans who have experience that translates to trucking.

Tim Startoba, President of CFI reports that the new pay package rewards both experience and proven safety in the industry and helps the company recruit more diligent drivers to join their team. 

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"CFI's Experienced Driver compensation package is designed to recognize and reward the skill and professionalism of seasoned drivers in the trucking business," said Tim Staroba, President of CFI. "Experience has a direct correlation with safety, so it is doubly important to recruit and retain seasoned professionals to work with us here at CFI."

CFI reports that this new pay package program for over-the-road drivers sees rates that pay company drivers with one year of experience $0.40 per mile while providing experienced drivers with an increase of $0.01 to $0.03 per mile, with rates dependent on their experience levels.

The company also reports that over-the-road drivers will see an accessorial package and benefits package and that the Experienced Driver pay imitative accompanies a two-cent increase for over-the-road drivers that CFI issued to drivers earlier in 2017.