Barr-Nunn Announces Regional Pay Increase, CSA Safety Bonus and More

by Jake Tully - Published: 10/18/2017

In looking towards the end of 2017, many trucking companies in the country are attempting to fill any empty seats that may be within their trucks, though job seekers may find it difficult to find a company that is transparent in what they are willing to offer potential job applicants.

In hiring American drivers since 1982, Barr-Nunn Transportation has found itself as a carrier that has consistently reported the wages and incentives that a driver for the company may recieve, garnering the title of a Top Pay Carrier certified by the National Transportation Institute for 12 years. 

Director of Recruiting at Barr-Nunn, Jeff Blank, reports that having such a distinction is a point of pride for the company, and has proved to drivers the commitment to ensuring pay is regularly increased.

“We know that our drivers are among the industries safest, and highest performing drivers,” said Blank. “We also know that this requires offering the industries top pay to hire and retain our drivers. It’s one thing to say we pay more, and another to prove it. As a certified top pay carrier, we can prove it. No carrier has been recognized for more years as a top pay carrier and we’ve been increasing our compensation for our drivers all year.”

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To this end, Barr-Nunn reports that is frequently raising driver pay across all divisions, with a notable pay increase in its Northeast, Florida, and Ohio regional pay grades.

According to Barr-Nunn, these divisions will all see a one cent increase in pay per mile, with the Northeast Regional drivers seeing a top starting pay of $0.55 cents per mile, the Florida Regional fleet seeing a top starting pay of $0.41 cents per mile, and the Ohio Regional fleet seeing a top starting pay of $0.50 cents per mile.

“Regional drivers see the benefits our other drivers see to include excellent equipment, strong weekly earnings, and a very full benefits package,” said Blank. “In addition to this, they can expect to be home weekends.”

In addition to financially-related perks from the company, Barr-Nunn reports that it is a driver-centric company, with several programs in place to ensure that drivers are satisfied with their roles at the company and that their time working at Barr-Nunn is well spent.

“We have outstanding customers, that require superior service and safety and by focusing on and supporting our drivers, our customers win,” said Blank. “We measure and monitor the earnings of our drivers, home-time effectiveness, any down-time due to maintenance, payroll accuracy and much more, all designed to help insure our drivers have an excellent experience working here.”

Blank also reported that the company recently instated trailer-tracking in order to reduce any down time that may occur due the search for empty trailers as well as conducting fleet surveys to become more reactive to the wants and likes of the drivers.

Another large tenant for operations at Barr-Nunn is the company’s commitment to safety, wherein Barr-Nunn routinely gives diligent drivers a CSA bonus for professionally operating a truck.

According to Barr-Nunn, the company recently raised the CSA bonus for its company drivers with a Hazmat endorsement to $600 plus paid time off every 90 days that a driver displays outstanding compliance, safety, and accountability in relation to CSA standards.

Additionally, CSA bonuses are available for company drivers with non-Hazmat endorsements at a rate of $425 and paid time off for every 90 day period CSA compliance is fulfilled.

“Our overriding objective is not only to maintain our leading safety record, but to continually improve in safety,” said Blank. “Our drivers are the key to this, and therefore safe drivers simply earn more at Barr-Nunn. Whether it’s our CSA/safety bonus which no other carrier can match, or our safety based pay raises, it all works together and helps us achieve our objectives in the area of safety.”

Barr-Nunn reports that it has listened to its drivers and addressed an equally important aspect of a driver’s job, namely the work-life balance offered by the company.

Barr-Nunn says that the work-life balance aspect that their drivers feel is important to the operations of the company, and drivers all over the country have several options of routes to choose from in order to best fit their lifestyle.

“In addition to options, we also know that doing what we say in terms of home time and earnings is very important, regardless of driving option so we go to great lengths to meet our commitments,” said Blank. “Our team leaders (dispatchers) do get to know their drivers and we can be flexible when extraordinary circumstances occur, and we know they do. We’re not so large that everyone is a number.”

Barr-Nunn reports that it currently has job openings available in several regions of the country, and drivers can easily apply for these positions online.

Blank reports that Barr-Nunn has cultivated a reputation that welcomes drivers with the promise of excellent pay and an atmosphere that values and rewards safe driving.

“If you would like to explore working for an extremely stable carrier who offers very strong compensation, employs only the best of the best, is committed to their drivers, and has a reputation for safety and operational excellence, then look closely at Barr-Nunn,” said Blank. “Many believe that what we offer in terms of compensation and benefits, is too good to be true.We, unlike many, provide a lot of detail on our website concerning this and would invite you to take a closer look or give us a call at-or find a Barr-Nunn driver and ask them about working at Barr-Nunn.”

Interested parties may call Bar-Nunn at 888-999-7576 for more information.