Peterbilt Official Joins Used Truck Association Board of Directors

by Jake Tully - Published: 10/13/2017

Denton, Texas-based medium and heavy duty-class truck manufacturer Peterbilt announced earlier today the election of Anthony Gansle to the Used Truck Association (UTA) Board of Directors.

Gansle, who is currently serving as Peterbilt’s Director of Marketing and Sales Administration, will reportedly continue to provide participation in the Used Truck Industry alongside the UTA including sponsorship, presentations on emerging technologies and other educational-related materials.

According to Gansle, Peterbilt’s continued support of the UTA has been an important aspect of the company’s business practices, providing a resource for education in both existing and new technologies in the trucking industry.

“Peterbilt has been a strong supporter of the UTA through its active participation, sponsorship and service,” said Gansle. “Being a member of the UTA is an important part of the overall business of Peterbilt.”

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Gansle reports that Peterbilt also participates in other used truck practices within the industry, with its Used Truck Dealer Council established in early 2015 as well as the launch of the Red Oval Certified Pre-Owned Truck program in the same year.

According to Peterbilt, the Red Oval Certified Pre-Owned Truck Program provides low-mileage albeit high quality trucks to buyers in the used truck market, replete with the guarantee of full-point inspections and warranties.

Gansle reports that his involvement with the UTA Board of Directors continues to align with Peterbilt’s vision to educate and empower the commercial trucking industry with knowledge relating to the enormity of the used truck market and the resources available to commercial drivers.

“It gives us an opportunity to educate the used truck community on vehicles and new technologies that will be coming to the used market,” said Gansle. “It also allows us to receive feedback on specifications and concerns specific to the used truck market. As a member of the Board of Directors, we will have an opportunity to serve the association to a greater extent.”