Bennett Drivers Help FEMA Efforts In Puerto Rico

by Jake Tully - Published: 10/04/2017
As relief efforts for Puerto Rico see a great surge following the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, logistics and transportation provider Bennett International Group has announced that it has intensified its efforts to help serve those in need.

According to Bennett, employees for the company including truck drivers, and other logistics team members are working continuously in order to help serve Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requests.

Bennett reports that FEMA has requested duties of transportation companies such as shipment of machinery and other relief project requests in which the company is working to fulfill.

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President of Bennett International Logistics, Charles Phillips, reports that the team at Bennett is working dutifully in order to aid the success of FEMA.

“Everyone is going the extra mile, including weekends and 24/7 operational support to ensure we achieve 100% mission success in support of FEMA and private contractors,” said Phillips. “We know how important availability, reliability and safety are to our customers. The team is focused and dedicated.”

In addition to sending aid to Bennett in Puerto Rico, the trucking company also reports that it launched a “Truckloads of Hope” campaign in which trucks delivered relief supplies to areas in Texas impacted by hurricane Harvey.

According to Bennett, the trucking company will continue to serve the needs of the areas affected by Harvey, Irma and Maria, with many efforts from employees that devote their personal time.