Covenant Transport Services Announced As New Group For Trucking Companies

by Jake Tully - Published: 10/02/2017

The end of September marked an important shift in focus for Covenant Transport Services, with the company reporting a new presence that will emphasize several tiers of service.

According to a press release issued last week, Covenant Transport Services is the newly-launched public identity comprised of several existing carriers in the nation including Covenant Transport and Covenant Transport Solutions, Southern Refrigerated Transport and Star Transportation.

Reportedly launched on September 25 of this year, present Joey Hogan announced that the shifting in company identity allows shippers to see the power of options and choices between divisions, allowing for potential “one-stop shopping” opportunities.

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“Some of our expedited customers may not be aware we also offer temperature-controlled and dedicated services,” said Hogan. “We’ve always been problem solvers, so we see this as a natural progression of that mentality and mission to offer each customer the biggest bang for their buck.”

Tyson Wimberly, Senior Vice President of sales at Covenant Transport Services, reports that the announcement of the group’s formation will see the most impact at the customer level.

“This is value-added for our customers,” said Wimberly. “This is strength in service and in our plurality as a group of companies well-equipped to handle the various needs of shippers across the United States and Mexico.”

Covenant Transport Services reports that under the new company group shippers will have access to 780 tractors for dedicated shipping purposes, 700 tractors for temperature-controlled business, over 1050 trailers for expedited shipping and 1000’s of additional equipment available.

According to Covenant Transport Services, the individual trucking companies within the group will continue to see independent operation utilizing their own staff, equipment and facilities.

Wimberly reports that despite individual operation playing a key role within the group, Covenant Transport Services will allow for a more direct fulfillment of customer needs.

“This is game-changing,” said Wimberly. “This is 30 years in the making for this group of companies, and we look forward to growing together and meeting our customers’ needs better, faster and safer than ever before.”

Covenant Transport Services reports that in order to learn more about its newly-formed public identity, interested parties can visit their site at: