ELD Ratings Offers Users Free Insight Into E-Log Technology

by Jake Tully - Published: 9/19/2017

Understanding the intricacies of the electronic log mandate within the trucking industry can be difficult enough – finding the correct devices to stay compliant with the mandate can be even more difficult.

As more drivers make the transition to electronic logs devices (ELDs) before the December compliance date, some names in the trucking industry such as ELD Ratings found a common thread relating to the concerns of drivers and fleets- which technology is the best?

According to Ben Ramsay, Co-founder of ELD Ratings, the impetus for creating a free online service for drivers to research and rate electronic log devices came from a perceived need in the industry to direct individuals and companies to the devices that would best work for them depending on their needs.

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“Having a comprehensive system for people to research and log their reviews about ELDs seemed like a good fit for the industry when we began,” said Ramsay. “We launched the site at the end of last year and saw a great deal of users who were clearly trying to be proactive about becoming compliant and finding an ELD. Now that we’re in the eleventh hour of compliance, drivers and fleets are beginning to see the importance and time-sensitivity of finding the right ELD for them.”

Serving independent drivers and fleets of all sizes, ELD Ratings reports that it serves as a platform similar to Yelp for ELDs, allowing users to rank equipment and technology based on a 5-star review system.

Users can also ask the online community questions about particular devices, with the ability to get down to specific details such as USB compatibility or technical queries.

“What users are looking for in technology varies by the fleet and driver,” said Ramsay. “For independent drivers and smaller fleets, a common want in ELD technology has been what is most affordable, simple and hassle-free. For larger fleets, they are more frequently looking for logging devices that integrate management tools and tools for preparation.”

In addition to giving users the ability to write and read reviews, ELD Ratings reports that it also has an “Expert Advice” function, allowing users to get in contact with a representative at ELD Ratings in order to discuss their needs and wants for an ELD.

By speaking to a representative at the site, Ramsay reports that a driver or fleet manager can zero in on what technology will work best for them and what will fit their needs and budget, all at no cost to the user.

“ELD Ratings is ultimately a community-driven site,” said Ramsay. “We’re not looking to sell any ELDs, we’re just looking to help people find the devices that will keep them on the right side of the law. This site is real feedback from real users in the trucking industry.”

ELD Ratings reports that the all features of the site are free, and that the current plan is to keep all features free as the ELD compliance date approaches.