Mack Debuts New Truck With Efficiency and Productivity Boosts

by Jake Tully - Published: 9/14/2017

United States-based truck manufacturing company Mack Trucks announced earlier today a new truck model, touting “highway claim” with the premiere of the Mack Anthem.

In keeping up with the popular industry values and motifs of sleek design and fuel efficiency, Mack Trucks reports that the Mack Anthem has been re-engineered in order to interpret what a modern truck should look like as well as the capabilities it should offer drivers.

President of Mack Trucks, Dennis Slagle reports that the Mack Anthem presents a dynamic that aims to benefit both the drivers themselves in addition to the customers that Mack Anthem drivers serve.

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"As one of the most significant new trucks in Mack's 117-year history, the Anthem combines our latest innovations with more than a century of truck-building know-how," said Slagle. "The incredible result is a truck that's been built for our customers' business and designed for drivers, all while delivering the power and presence that only a Mack truck can deliver."

In presenting unique and necessary features designed for the Mack Anthem, the truck aims to give drivers practical advantages such as ergonomically designed driving and sleeping areas to aid in driver comfort and productivity, says senior vice president, sales, Mack Trucks North America, Jonathan Randall.

"Every detail on the Anthem was designed with purpose," said Randall. "We surveyed thousands of drivers and incorporated their feedback to deliver a functional, strong, efficient highway truck with an authentic design unlike anything on the road today."

Among many of the features offered on the Mack Anthem, the truck is reportedly designed with features to help drivers, using information from drivers in what may be beneficial to their careers on the road.

"The goal of our design team was to incorporate as much driver input as possible, adding features they identified as necessary to improve productivity and comfort," said Stu Russoli, Mack highway product manager. "Just one look at the Anthem's new instrument panel and it's clear they succeeded in developing intuitive, easy-to-use and durable controls that meet the needs of all drivers."

Mack Trucks reports that productivity was also a factor taken into consideration when designing the new truck, a tool that may benefit both ends of the logistics supply chain.

"Getting the most miles out of a truck is key in today's trucking industry," said David Pardue, vice president of connected vehicles and uptime services, Mack Trucks. "Mack gives customers the connected driving tools required to boost productivity and efficiency."

For more information on the Mack Anthem, visit Mack’s site.