New Training Platform At Roadrunner To Promote Individual Driver Success

by Jake Tully - Published: 9/12/2017

For some trucking companies, education on the road does not simply end at orientation – it may be something that is continually implemented throughout the career of a driver.

Such is the case with Roadrunner Transportation Systems, in which the company recently announced the application of a Learning Management System (LMS), Infiniti-I, in order to provide employees with an online platform that promotes continuous education in the lifespan of an individual’s career as well as the continued development of skills.

According to Roadrunner, the LMS will focus on supporting the continual renewal of internal and external service, especially within the context of drivers and customers.

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Curt Stoelting, CEO of Roadrunner reports that the new LMS will give employees the opportunity to more quickly refine current job skills and allow employees to see what behavior may build a company culture that focuses on the individual driver.

"This LMS will provide our employees with the tools and resources to refine job skills and expedite career growth. Consistent training modules across our organization will also help us emphasize best practices and build a driver-centric culture," said Stoelting. "Our new leadership team understands how important it is for our company culture to empower individuals to excel every day, supporting the important work they do on behalf of customers, suppliers and drivers."

Roadrunner reports that the LMS, Infiniti-I, will ultimately lead to increased driver performance and satisfaction at one’s job by giving a user tools to set goals and track individual progress in order to increase confidence and precision at one’s job.

Michael Gettle, President and COO at Roadrunner reported that the LMS embodies two main tenants of operation at Roadrunner including the improvement of internal communication with drivers and the use of technology within the company to improve operations.

"Our new LMS contains significant materials that will enable our team to improve and succeed. This system unifies two key areas of focus for Roadrunner – improving how we communicate with and build partnerships with drivers as well as continuing our work to vastly improve how we leverage technology throughout our business,” said Gettle. “We are committed to both of these goals, and our new LMS is just one example of the progress our team is making in these areas.”

According to Roadrunner, the announcement of using the LMS as a driver-centric tool aligns with the annual acknowledgement of the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.