New Clean Energy Trucking Expo Slated For Spring 2018

by Jake Tully - Published: 9/08/2017

Truckers and fleet owners alike interested in clean energy and alternative transportation within the trucking industry have a new convention to mark their on their calendars – namely the Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit.

The inaugural event, which will be co-located with the 2018 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo will take place April 30 – March 3 in Long Beach California and will reportedly be sponsored by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) as well as the organziers of the Advanced Clean Transport Expo.

According to exposition organizers, the Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit will expand upon the current offerings of the Advanced Clean Transport (ACT Expo) by way of showcasing electric commercial fleets, clean fuels and other devices and other clean-energy related expositions.

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Erik Neandross, CEO of GNA stated in a press release issued earlier this week that the need for the new exposition follows a reported spike in the current market for electric-based trucks.

“The market momentum for medium- and heavy-duty electric-drive technologies has been incredible this year as evidenced by the recent onslaught of headlines from OEMs that are developing and commercializing products in response to increasing market demand in California and beyond,” stated Neandross. “We’ve decided to co-locate the Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit with ACT Expo, as it provides a built-in audience of more than 3,000 clean transportation stakeholders and has been the venue of choice for companies debuting electric drive fleet products, including BYD, Kenworth, ADOMANI, Lightning Systems, TransPower, US Hybrids/US Fuel Cell, ClipperCreek, among others.”

Sources close to the event have released the major themes for the exposition, including “Fleet success stories,” “Product availability,” and “Financing and incentives,” among other themes.

Organizers of the exposition report that the announcement of the Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit coincides with major players in trucking such as Cummins, Peterbilt and Motiv who have made recent announcements about fuel cell and battery-electric technology.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit Organizers also pointed to the alleged announcement by Tesla of its commercial vehicle unveiling as an impetus for the convention, as well as Toyota Motor Company’s working prototype of a drayage truck that utilizes fuel cell technology.

Organizers report that more information about the event including sponsors, speakers and partnerships will be announced in the months to come while registration will open in January 2018.