Haney Truck Line Acquired By Wilson Logistics

by Jake Tully - Published: 9/01/2017

Missoula, Montana-based transportation company Wilson Logistics announced earlier today that the company has reportedly purchased select assets of Haney Truck Line.

Wilson Logistics reports that Haney Truck Line has been a provider of heavy heal and truckload transportation in both the United States and regions of Canada for over 90 years, with specialized transportation enabling Haney to haul loads up to 63,000 pounds in the territory of the Pacific Northwest.

Darrel Wilson, Wilson Logistics founder, president and CEO expressed positive feelings in acquiring Haney Truck Line in order to expand upon the growth of Wilson Logistics.

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“We are honored to bring Haney Truck Line’s rich history and expertise into our organization, and we look forward to quickly achieving our goals of immediate growth, providing remarkable service to our customers, and building long-lasting relationships with our professional drivers and associates.” Said Wilson. “After a meticulous evaluation of Haney Truck Line, we believe our depth and breadth of knowledge in wide ranges of the supply chain provides us the opportunity to quickly integrate our operational procedures, safety culture, equipment, and technology to provide the quality of service that we are committed to.”

Sources at Wilson Logistics have reported that Peter Carlander, previous CEO of Haney Truck Line will hold a position as an upper-management role at Wilson Logistics.

“The Haney team looks forward to joining the growing Wilson Logistics family. We will be able to bring our specialized service offering to the existing Wilson Logistics portfolio and provide all our customers with improved service,” said Carlander. “Haney will allow Wilson Logistics to enter the heavy haul transportation segment through Haney’s loyal customer base and specialized equipment and expertise.”

Wilson Logistics reports that the assets acquired from Haney Truck Line are part of a strategy to continue growth, and that Haney joins Jim Palmer Trucking, O&S Trucking and RJ’s Transportation as part of recent acquisitions by Wilson Logistics.