Hirschbach Motor Lines to Use Technology To Match Drivers With Managers

by Jake Tully - Published: 8/29/2017

As the integration of technology finds a more stable presence within the trucking industry, some parties in commercial transportation are using advanced algorithms to pair drivers to driver managers.

Hirschbach Motor Lines will be using a program to pair their drivers with the optimal match for a driver manager using programs provided by human resources and employee retention company Stay Metrics in order to retain more drivers.

“Driver-manager relationships are the primary and most important relationships in our business. They impact everything from driver safety to customer service and retention,” said Jr. Chairman of Hirschbach Motor Lines, Tom Grojean, Jr. “When we learned of the new product from Stay Metrics, it naturally made sense for us to create a scientific matching process for drivers and driver managers.”

Stay Metrics reports that the Driver Match application was launched in June of this year through a partnership with Prime Inc, using an assessment test that screens for 13 values in a profile measurement.

According to Stay Metrics, the profile measurements will provide a reliable prediction of an individual’s fit with a corresponding driver manager, using metrics to screen for qualities such as job retention and job satisfaction.

Hirschbach will reportedly use the Stay Metrics Driver Match system to assign drivers to managers in their over-the-road, specialized and dedicated trucking divisions.

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Stay Metrics reports that its research conducted within the trucking industry indicates that a driver-manager relationship at a company has a significant impact on the job satisfaction of an individual as well as job turnover.

Through research Stay Metrics reports that a number of the top reasons that a driver leaves a carrier is due to the fact that drivers perceive differences in values with managers regarding topics such as communication and recognition.

“We commend Hirschbach Motor Lines for everything it does to improve the lives of drivers,” said co-founder and chief executive officer of Stay Metrics, Tim Hindes. “By using the Driver Match product, companies like Hirschbach are now able to identify and reinforce the values in their companies and interpersonal relationships that matter to drivers.”

Stay Metrics reports that Hirschbach has been a customer of the company since 2015, and has reportedly used the full suite of Stay Metrics surveys and interviews to gain insight and feedback in driver retention.

Additionally, Stay Metrics says that Hirschbach currently uses an online program designed by the company to issue rewards, engagement and recognition to contribute to recognizing individual driver performance.