Terrorist Attacks On Supply Chain At All-Time High, Trucking A Top Target

by Jake Tully - Published: 8/24/2017

On a global scale, terrorist-related attacks within the supply chain may be more impactful than ever before, according to a study conducted by BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions.

The analysis, entitled Terrorist Threats to International Trade and Supply Chain, conducted by BSI’s SCREEN intelligence program found that terrorist group attacks on the global supply chain have hit an all-time high as have the associated costs with the attacks.

BSI reports that the attacks can range from cargo theft to targeting oil infrastructure to kidnapping schemes as well as other incursions.

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According to BSI, trucking-related attacks are among the top three targeted modalities in the attacks on supply chains, alongside production and processing facilities and pipelines.

BSI’s study shows that over the last decade an average 3.1 attacks have taken place every week, with a total of 346 attacks globally in 2016.

Over the last 10 years terrorist attacks on supply chains have hit 58 countries, which BSI reports may indicate the global nature of the issue.

Additionally, BSI reports that the costs incurred by terrorist attacks fall into the direct and indirect categories as physical attacks on the supply chain such as bombings or other armed assaults often lead to the loss of cargo in transit.

BSI also points out in their study that attacks tampering with international cargo shipments may lead to the destruction or seizure of goods by customs authorities and may also cause companies to see large costs when they must divert or reroute goods.

BSI reports that inadequate spending is diverted towards supply chain security globally despite overall growth in all modes of supply chains across the world.

Interested parties can reportedly purchase a copy of the BSI study at their site.