Trucking Unlimited Awards Annual Scholarship to MIT Student

by Jake Tully - Published: 8/18/2017

While many college students are preparing to begin their latest semester at universities and other institutions of higher education this fall, finding resources to aid in paying for one’s education becomes more prevalent.

In anticipating the expenses that accompany the privilege of enjoying higher education, Trucking Unlimited has awarded its annual Trucking Unlimited Computer Science Scholarship to Sharon Lin, who will be attending MIT in the fall as a freshman entering the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program.

Lin, who is reportedly considering a prospective double major of electrical engineering and computer science and Applied Mathematics reports that she would like to enter the field of data science or software development after college.

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“I've always been interested in problem solving, and computer science provides the perfect medium for me to regularly interact with challenges,” said Lin. “I love being able to create projects and utilize both the analytical and creative aspects of computer science on a daily basis. Most of all, I love how much potential the industry has for growth and learning opportunities that exist for nearly anyone within the field.”

According to Lin, pursuing the field of computer science in her academic career has been an enjoyable experience and that in moving forward with her goals she has seen guidance from other women who work within her desired profession. 

“When I first started programming, no one I knew could see me as a programmer,” said Lin. “Nonetheless, because I was able to derive enjoyment out of solving problems and coding, I was able to understand that I could succeed in this field. What especially helped was that I was able to find mentorship from more experienced women in tech who helped me grow and thrive in computer science.”

According to Trucking Unlimited, Lin was selected as the recipient of the award from a large pool of applicants because her story exemplified the spirit of a student who is hard working and who has definite professional goals in mind.

“Sharon clearly defined her career aspirations and is likely to be a viable candidate for nearly anything she pursues upon graduating MIT,” said the scholarship board at Trucking Unlimited. “While there were many qualified candidates to receive the scholarship it was clear that Sharon has an incredibly bright future ahead of her and therefore was the ideal student to win the award.”

Trucking Unlimited reports that Sharon will receive an award in the amount of $500 for use in her academic career for her first semester at MIT.