Solar Eclipse Band Impacts Many States, Reports CMCA

by Jake Tully - Published: 8/16/2017

As news of next week’s total solar eclipse spreads throughout the United States and many spectators prepare to view the phenomenon, the commercial driving industry is also making preparations.

According to the Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA) the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 will specifically impact a swath of land across the country with an eclipse band roughly 65 miles wide that will range from the areas of Oregon to South Carolina.

The CMCA reports that the interstate routes in eclipse band areas such as Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas, among other nearby areas will be affected.

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Traffic in these areas is reported to be exceedingly heavy during the eclipse, with some areas projecting traffic to come to a hault with vehicles who may park on the shoulder of the road in order to view the eclipse.

According to the CMCA, law enforcement is working proactively to ensure safety for all motorists during the eclipse, with a likely increased presence from enforcement officials on the roads.

The CMCA reports that some cities in towns that are located in the direct line of the solar eclipse band may not allow for commercial vehicles to complete pickups and deliveries due to the forecast of traffic congestion and possible pedestrian spectator hazards.

Additionally, the CMCA reports that it has received some reports that populations in areas may double or triple their numbers due to tourists or scientists arriving to observe the band.

For truckers, the CMCA says that some states such as Oregon will not allow overweight or oversized loads to operate on interstate highways from August 18 to Aug 22.

Similarly, the CMCA reports that Wyoming drivers hauling oversize and overweight loads will not be allowed to operate on primary or secondary highways or interstates from August 20 – 22.

For a full list of collected reports and tips on driving during the eclipse, visit the CMCA’s site.