Tow Truck Driver Killed By Semi-Trailer

by Jana Ritter - Published: 8/23/2014

Jennifer Lyne Brown was killed on Tuesday while she was simply doing her job. She was loading a car with a blown tire that was partially in the right-hand lane onto her tow truck and was struck by a passing semi-trailer. Trooper S. F. Lynch of the North Carolina Highway Patrol said Jennifer Lyne Brown had the tow truck’s yellow warning lights on and she was wearing a reflective vest, nevertheless the driver of the semi failed to move into the left lane. Charges against the driver, Franklin Howard Davis, Jr., 48, of Henderson are under review by the district attorney’s office and are pending.

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Jennifer Brown had worked for Dale’s Towing out of Burlington and a post on the company’s Facebook page acknowledged the crash and called her “irreplaceable.” The funeral will be held on Saturday and will include a procession of tow trucks to honor her. Johnny Manring, Williams’ fiancé, said he and Williams were planning to get married in October and that he had just talked to her minutes before the accident occurred. “Even though I’m still here and she’s in heaven we both know that our last words to each other were ‘I love you,’” says Manring. “I’d never seen a person have a heart like she had,” he adds. The two met two years ago and fell in love with each other, as well as with towing.

Other tow truck drivers in the area said they hope this tragedy will help as a lasting reminder of how important it is for all drivers — especially big rigs — to follow the law and always be alert. People also need to realize that whenever possible, move to the left lane to make room for tow trucks, EMS or law enforcement. Thomas Shelton works Highway 220 and Highway 29 often and calls the stretch pretty dangerous. “You can wear all the protective gear you want but if people aren’t paying attention, it isn’t going to do any good”, Shelton says.

Meanwhile, the driver of a tractor-trailer involved in another fatal crash this week in central Ohio, has pleaded not guilty to charges including two counts of vehicular homicide. The crash killed two people and injured three. Police say that 58-year-old Randall G. Lee of Christiana, Tennessee, was driving a tractor-trailer Wednesday morning in Delaware County when he rear-ended an SUV, triggering a four-vehicle crash. Curtis and Patricia Dixon of Howell, Michigan both dies in the accident, two other drivers suffered less serious injuries, and one passenger was flown to a hospital.