Annual ATRI Survey Calls For Data - Top Industry Concerns

by Jake Tully - Published: 8/15/2017

Truck drivers in the United States who are looking for a platform to voice their concerns and opinions regarding the now have an outlet thanks to the American Transportation Research Institute’s 2017 Top Industry Issues Survey.

The annual survey conducted by the not-for-profit ATRI allows drivers from across the country to rank areas in the industry in which they see most concern in order to find possible solutions or strategies to combat these issues.

The survey, commissioned by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) allows industry professionals from drivers to executive mangers to collectively weigh in on issues of importance in order to get an accurate representation of the industry as a whole, reports ATA chairman Kevin Burch.

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"ATRI's annual survey provides a chance for thousands of trucking industry professionals, from drivers to executives, to weigh in on the most important topics that affect trucking and collectively decide on the roadmap for addressing each,” said Burch, “With your participation, we can speak with a collective industry voice on what is most important to us."

In looking at the survey, some areas for concern in the industry proposed by the ATRI may range from autonomous vehicles to the ELD mandate to matters such as fuel supply and pricing.

According to the ATRI, the results found from the survey will be released during the annual ATA Management Conference and Exhibition held in Orlando, Florida from October 21 – 24.

In order to complete the survey, trucking industry members can navigate to the survey found on ATRI’s site.