New Cascadia Models to Feature Optional Solar Panel

by Jake Tully - Published: 8/01/2017

As truck manufacturer Freightliner remains a household name in the trucking industry, it may be moving towards a more modern and sustainable niche in the trucking industry thanks to energy solutions company eNow.

Earlier today Freightliner announced that its new line of Cascadia Class 8, raised roof sleeper trucks have the option to be ordered with the eNow eCharge solar system, a solar-powered idel-reduction system for trucks as a pre-delivery installation.

According to eNow, the eCharge system has been added to several existing Freightliner fleets, returning positive results in regards to sustainable energy production and consumption.

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Jeff Flath, President and CEO of eNow reports that implementing the solar system in trucks will reduce costs and prove to be quickly beneficial to drivers whose cabs are outfitted with the system.

"The eNow system has continually proven its value in reducing costs, while also demonstrating its durability over diverse road conditions and in a variety of climates," said Flath. "Drivers and fleet owners who order the eNow system preinstalled will begin realizing the benefits from solar the minute they take delivery."

eNow reports that the eCharge system is a solar panel at 0.125 inches thick, with a flexible design that has the ability to contour to the roof of a truck.

As per some of the benefits offered by the panel, eNow reports that the system will supply continual charges to the battery of the truck, powering in cab HVAC equipment, as well as reportedly increasing a truck’s battery life from 6 months to 3 years.

The company also reports that the eCharge system has the ability to reduce fuel consumption by 3 gallons per day, an amount that may have otherwise been consumed by engine idling in order to power auxiliary equipment.

According to eNow, the system can be ordered through Freightliner dealership outlets and can be installed at Custom Truck Service centers at the Freightliner manufacturing plants.