Small Shippers Embracing Technology To Increase Efficiency

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/31/2017

Much like the looming ELD mandate soon to take effect in the industry, Florida-based Kimal Lumber Company has successfully integrated technology into their trucks to improve efficiency, by way of Epicor BisTrack’s solution for LBM dealers and shippers.

According to Epicor Software Corporation, Kimal Lumber Company’s adoption of the Epicor BisTrack sees a technology service oriented towards the lumber and building material dealers, with a service implemented within management to increase efficiency and organization within the company’s fleet.

According to Allen Bavry, Jr. Information Technologies-Corporate at Kimal Lumber, this adoption of technology sees both a change within the infrastructure of the company, as well as one that may be competitive with the rest of the LBM industry and shipping industry as a whole.

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"When we decided to replace our aging software system, we wanted to give our company a technological boost that we didn't have previously," said Bavry. "Additionally, we wanted to change our company systematically and procedurally (sic) —we used this new software installation as a way of convincing our entire team to embrace industry best practices. With the technology that Epicor BisTrack software affords us, we can already do tasks faster, more efficiently, and provide our customers with that extra level of service."

KImal Lumber reports that they often see an average of 75 orders daily using 25 different trucks, thereby finding a need for technology that can help ensure accuracy and reliability in deliveries made to customers.

Bob Hinman, general manager at Kimal Lumber reports that using the BisTrack Journey Planner and applications for BisTrack Delivery are expected to simplify issues that may be associated with deliveries.

We currently have the stereotypical dispatch office—the clipboards up on the wall representing each truck," said Hinman. "One of the great advantages we see with BisTrack software is it will enable us to optimize our truck and driver usage, boost efficiency, and minimize delivery errors. When we complete installation of the BisTrack Journey Planner and BisTrack Delivery applications we'll be able to generate real-time information for our team and especially for our customers as to when a delivery should pass, provide pictures, and documentation for each drop.”
KImal Lumber reports that acting as an early adopter in executing fleet and management technology has helped them engage customers in the modern state of the industry in addition to retaining profit.

According to the lumber company, utilizing technology such as Epicor BisTrack can give Kimal a competitive advantage over other LBM dealers and shipping companies overall.

"The hardest part of our business is maintaining profitability while keeping processes efficient,” said Hinman. “There are many technology advances that the BisTrack system offers us—many tied to the ability to provide information to our customers throughout the delivery process”