Thousands Quickly Opt In To Financing Options For Truck Parts

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/28/2017

Sandhills Publishing, a United States-based technology company announced yesterday that the company’s agreement with Express Financing by Currency to provide expedited financing services has seen over 3,000 Sandhills customers opt into the program since its launch on Wednesday.

According to Sandhills Publishing, an estimated thousands of equipment dealers are utilizing Express Financing to offers expedited financing to customers, generating significant opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

Sandhills Publishing reports that Express Financing allows dealers to speed up the loan approval process, making financing and transactions a more expedient process.

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Evan Welch, Sandhills’ Director of New Products reports that Currency’s product has helped both parties in the commercial vehicle equipment industry provide an advantageous offering to their customers.

"Currency offers the fastest, most accessible and reliable financing solutions available, with a keen understanding of the unique needs of equipment buyers and sellers in our core industries," explains Welch. "Working together makes these tools more accessible to our dealers and their customers, and furthers our commitment to facilitating sales transactions."

According to Sandhills Publishing, individual interested in securing a loan will be serviced by the team at Express, using a swift yet comprehensive program to arrange financing, accommodate unique requirements for loans and other functions that provide a quick turnaround in the process.

Sandhills Publishing reports that both buyers in the equipment market can browse the listings provided by the online marketplace from the company, all the while submitting financing information directly from the listings themselves.

The company also reports that equipment dealers can submit information on borrowers through the use of Sandhills Cloud, a cloud-hosted suite of business applications that may be useful to dealers in managing inventory and customers.

The partnered companies report that dealerships interested in leveraging Express Financing may contact Sandhills or Currency for more information.