Truck Driver's Highway Heroism Goes Viral

by Jana Ritter - Published: 8/18/2014

Truck driver David Frederickson's dashboard-mounted camera captured his heroism yesterday, when he saved a woman and her one year-old granddaughter from a fiery, near fatal crash. Fredricksen’s son posted the entire video on YouTube, showing how everything went down. A car, which was apparently going the wrong way, t-boned into a semi-truck and caused the semi's fuel tank to explode right in the middle of the I-10 in Biloxi, Mississippi.

David Frederickson Hero

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As Fredericksen pulled up to the scene, the horrific crash had just taken place and the car had immediately burst into flames upon impact with the semi-truck. The explosion was so intense, that most people could only assume the vehicle occupants were dead upon impact. As the other drivers slammed on the brakes and kept their distance to avoid being casualties themselves, in the video you can hear Fredericksen contemplating what to do.

Fredericksen asked his partner if they should try to help the crash victim out of their car and his partner responded, "No! What are you gonna do?" "I got a fire extinguisher," replied Fredericksen. "That guy's dead, dude," said his partner. Butdespite the warning, Fredericksen immediately jumps into action with his fire extinguisher in hand and heads towards the flames. When he reaches the flame-engulfed car, he quickly uses the extinguisher and manages to repel the fire enough to reach the passenger-side door. It wasn’t until Fredericksen took that first step of bravery, that other motorists began making their way over to the wreckage to help him retrieve the vehicle's passengers.

Fredericksen and the other witness were able to pull the passengers to safety, saving the lives of a woman and her 1 year-old grand daughter. After pulling the passengers out of the car, and escaping to the side of the road, Fredericksen and the other rescuers watched the flames get big enough to quickly swallow the entire car. At the time firefighters reached the scene, the entire passenger area was completely engulfed in flames, making it clear that without Frederickson taking that heroic initiative, the two accident victims would have been dead.

It was later reported that the car doors had been jammed-shut from the crash, which had prevented the female driver from exiting the vehicle on her own. Thankfully, the female driver suffered a broken leg, and all others involved in the crash sustained only minor injuries.

Obviously proud of his heroic father, Fredericksen’s son posted the video to YouTube with the following message:

"Thankfully my father had the presence of mind, bravery, and forethought of carrying a fire extinguisher, to be the first person on scene to risk his own life in order to possibly save another and to inspire others and lead them into taking action. Everyone involved in the rescue effort is a hero in my books."