G&D Integrated To Expand In Southeast Area

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/17/2017

Logistics solutions company G&D Integrated announced earlier today that it will focus on an expansion of their transportation and logistics offerings in the southeast region of the United States market in order to fulfill increasing demands.

The Morton, Illinois based company reports that a large influx in volume of transportation is needed in this region, with areas such as Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia seeing growth in commercial transportation.

The company also reports that certain inland ports in South Carolina will also be targeted, with the logistics company pursuing fulfillment in container drayage and full truckload services.

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Jeff Cohen, vice president of transportation at G&D Integrated reported in a press release issued earlier today that the company is hoping to expand within an area of the country that is experiencing visible growth.

"We are committed to supporting the growth in the Southeast with increased transportation and logistics services for our current and future customers," said Cohen. "We are excited about this regional expansion and focus on an area where our track record of success and established expertise will benefit our customers. Our ability to commit trucking assets allows us to meet demanding service requirements and guaranteed levels of performance."

G&D Integrated reports that the company’s asset-based fleet has the ability to ship goods from a large swath of hubs including ports, rail yards and other distribution centers in the region covering the Southeast Atlantic.

The company said that in the wake of its expansion, some lanes will reach the Ohio Valley as well as the Gulf area of the United States.

Additionally, G&D Integrated reports that the company plans on operating over 100 trucks in the Southeast area by the end of next year in order to meet increasing demand.