Averitt Updates Capabilities In Multimodal Shipping

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/13/2017

Averitt Express announced earlier this week that the company has reportedly enhanced its current offerings for multimodal services for both full load shipments and custom transportation needs for shippers throughout the North America Region.

The Cookeville, Tennessee-based transportation and logistics chain management company reports that the shift in multimodal offerings is part of a larger realignment at the company in regards to operations in full load and specialized solutions as well as implementing new data-driven technology.

Averitt reports that shippers will be aided by a logistics specialist designated to their case, with the ability to selection a shipping option from a variety of services that range in price, time in transit and any additional specific needs.

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Wayne Spain, Averitt’s president and chief operating officer reports that simplification of multimodal efforts will likely help to bolster service throughout the entirety of North America.

“We have simplified the process of identifying the most efficient modes and methods of transportation that utilize Averitt assets and those of our partner service providers in the US and beyond,” said Spain. “Whether it’s a need to move a load by road, rail or air, or a time-sensitive distribution project across the Mexico border, our team can find the capacity and hands to get from point A to point B with ease.”

In respect to the viewpoint of the customer shipping with Averitt, the company reports that their enhanced multimodal strategies will benefit those shipping across the country or continent, optimizing the shipping process to include one point of contact and visibility within the entire shipping process.

“Our mission is to minimize the challenges that shippers face with managing their supply chain and logistics needs,” said Spain. “This enhancement of our multimodal capabilities is another step forward in our larger effort to better serve our customers in the spirit of our slogan, ‘one contact, one invoice, zero worries,’ which we sum up as ‘the power of one’.”

For more information on updated multimodal offerings, visit Averitt’s site.