Penske and Detroit Diesel Enter New Contract, Continue Operations Together

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/06/2017

Transportation services company Penske Logistics announced earlier that it has entered into a new businesses contract with Detroit Diesel Corporation in order to support the transportation company’s engine, transmission and axle supply chain operations based in Redford, Michigan.

In a press release issued by Penske Logsitics, the company reports that it will continue to provide the warehouse and dedicated contract carriage service needs for its inbound operations including sequencing and kitting operations.

Penske also reports that its global operations will provide Detroit Diesel with services including international freight forwarding and other supply chain operations.

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Marc Althen, Penske Logistics President reported in the press release that the contract with Detroit Diesel represents significant growth in the history of the two companies working together.

"This new contract is a significant uptick in domestic business with Detroit Diesel," said Althen. "It represents a new chapter in our companies' long and storied history."

Detroit Diesel head of operations Jeff Allen also reported that the new contract between the two companies should continue to prove to be a positive union.

"This partnership is just one more expansion of our historically great business relationship,” said Allen. “We are excited to leverage that history and expand our partnership to both the supplier and customer side."

While Penske Logistics offers supply chain management and logistics solutions globally, Detroit Diesel reportedly offers a line of heavy-duty diesel engines, vehicle parts, safety systems and services for connected vehicles.