America's Road Team Captains and ATA Stress Safe Driving Over Independence Day Weekend

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/30/2017

In preparation for the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend, America’s Road Team Captains along with the American Trucking Association have released a set of safety practices for drivers on what is expected to be a high-volume travel weekend.

Though the ATA and America’s Road Team Captains report that they are not asking people to stray away from traveling, they are suggesting that motorists of all classes take extra precautions in executing their road trips.

"Independence Day weekend is a great time to get together with family and friends to celebrate our freedoms safely," said Kevin Burch, ATA Chairman. "Practicing simple tips and planning your trip ahead of time makes a significant difference in creating a safe environment on the highways."

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According to a figure from AAA, highway travel over the weekend is expected to surpass 44.2 million Americans, with a 3 percent increase likely pointing towards more congestion and traffic than last year’s figures.

America’s Road Team Captains are advocating for focused driving and alertness from truckers, reporting that the trucking industry invests over $9.5 billion in safety measures annually.

Due to the economic figure that the industry spends on safety, America’s Road Team Captain of Covenant Transport, Gary Helms, suggested in a press release issued yesterday that the industry should examine their practices closely.

"Observing tips such as buckling your safety belt, putting away your cell phone, and leaving an appropriate following distance between you and other cars all factor into safe driving," said Helms. "We want people across America to have a good time with family and friends during this holiday, and our using our tips can drastically increase highway safety."

Among other suggestions for safety offered by the ATA and America’s Road Team Captains, the organizations suggest that truckers be aware of their blind spots and that they ensure they do no drive under the influence, especially when facing fatigue.