TransChicago Open House Provided Trucking Info

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/29/2017

Illinois-based TransChicago Truck Group, a supplier of commercial trucking parts and truck service offerings reported a summer Open House yesterday in Gary, Indiana for customers and industry partners.

In addition to opening its door to the public and allowing its service, sales and department to meet interested parties, TransChicago Truck Group also reports that its Parts warehouse is currently undergoing renovation that is expected to be completed in the following weeks.

Steve Flammersfeld, Vice President of Truck Sales at TransChicago Truck Group reported in a press release issued earlier today that the open house also served as an opportunity to dispense information about the trucking industry to attendees.

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"In addition to showing customers our progress and growth these first six months, we wanted to offer guests key industry information, to make spending their time with us worthwhile," Flammersfeld. "We held After Treatment System training seminars and gave our guests hands-on demonstrations."

TransChicago reports that Bob Dorrance, a company Truck Group Service Technician, led morning training seminars in the morning and afternoon sessions at the open house, discussing issues relating to truck maintenance, emissions, and other tech-related information.

According to the company, both of Dorrance’s information sessions saw healthy attendance numbers, and audience members reportedly praised the seminars for the information they offered.

Attendees at TransChicago’s Open House reportedly had the opportunity to enjoy lunch in an area with demonstrations and displays from the company’s partners and associated vendors.

TransChicago reports that its current relationship with partners such as Freightliner RunSmart Drivers, Alliance Truck Parts and Detroit Diesel, among others, contributed to the success of the open house.

"All in all, the day was a huge success with around 200 guests," said Flammersfeld in today’s press release. "TransChicago Truck Group will continue offering seminars at all three Chicagoland (sic) locations in Elmhurst and Shorewood, Illinois and Gary, Indiana, to provide timely information and training to our customers in all areas of the trucking industry.”