SmartDrive Conferences Offer Video-Based Safety Tips, Combats Hazardous Drivers

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/16/2017

Last week marked two sold-out conferences from SmartDrive Systems, a commercial driving performance and safety service that brought together trucking industry professionals on June 6 and 7 in Dallas, Texas.

In holding these conferences, SmartDrive reports that experts and leaders from across the country had the opportunity to witness the company’s video-based safety analytics, learning how this technology may improve diligence in driver safety and enhance the overall behavior of truckers.

It’s important to discuss the growing role of technology because collisions – and their aftermath – continue,” said Matt Brunelle, Vice President of Customer Success. “Annually, 4,000 crash-related fatalities involve trucks and buses in the US and more than 2.3 million people annually suffer serious injuries from crashes. As a result, more and more commercial vehicles and transit buses are being equipped with more technology – more sensors, more automation, more video – so companies and agencies can understand what’s going on in their fleets.”

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SmartDrive reports that last week’s conferences were primarily fleet-centered, with many sessions led by customers of SmartDrive, educating others in safety practices.

The company also reports that many attendees had the chance to participate in personalized sessions with SmartDrive representatives, affording fleet owners the chance to see what technology might work for their fleet’s specific issues.

“One life lost is too many,” said Brunelle. “We need to closely examine technology that, not only helps make the vehicle safer, but also technology that helps make the driver safer, including video-based safety programs, personal alertness monitoring systems, advanced safety technologies and collision avoidance technology.”

Among the specific safety concerns discussed at the conference, Brunelle said that two of the major issues were driver distraction and fatigue.

SmartDrive reports that these nearly 10 – 20% of all crashes are related to fatigue, though these incidents can be combatted if fleets are proactive about their reactivity to poor behavior through the technology they use.

“Fleets now realize that they need to focus on the role of data-driven decisions – data that provides the right information, at the right time, with the right action to take – resulting in the biggest impact on their fleet,” said Brunelle. “With limited resources, fleets don’t have time or an army of analysts. Using transportation intelligence - such as SmartDrive SmartIQ - they’re able to improve safety with actionable analytics that save them time – and money.”

Aside from showcasing safety-related technology, SmartDrive reports that it used the conferences to announce its inaugural customer awards program.

These awards recognized SmartDrive customers who have been vocal about addressing safety, and those who reportedly champion the difference that incorporating video analytics can play.

“It’s important that fleets not only focus on technology,” said Brunell. “At the 2017 SmartDrive Customer Conference, we also focused on the driver. It’s important to remember that it’s the driver who ultimately controls the vehicle, and when accidents occur 93% are due to human error.”