Trump Talks Infrastructure, Importance of Programs For American Jobs

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/08/2017

In a speech delivered yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio, President Trump spoke to his Administration’s infrastructure plans for the United States, advocating for a $1 trillion to be spent on various aspects of roadways, air traffic, and related systems.

President Trump’s announcement reportedly stems from a proposal earlier this year channeling $200 billion towards a $1 trillion overall spend on projects in order to build upon existing rural highways, roads, and to privatize the country’s air traffic control system.

"America wants to build," said Trump. "There is no limit to what we can achieve. All it takes is a bold and daring vision and the will to make it happen."

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In his speech, Trump announced that he would not afford the country the opportunity to become a “museum of former glory,” ensuring that extensive infrastructure projects would be supported.

The President did not give any specifics on prospective projects, but mentioned support for projects that will reframe existing American roads, waterways and other transportation-related institutions.

“We will construct incredible new monuments to American grit that inspire wonder for generations and generations,” said Trump.

In speaking about prospective infrastructure plans, Trump stressed the importance of utilizing American labor and resources in moving forward with these potential projects.

“We are here today to talk about rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure — and we will do it using American labor, American energy and American iron, aluminum and steel,” said Trump.

Trump supplemented his discussion of infrastructure by mentioning the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act, a government program that reportedly allows the private sector to access inexpensive government loans in order to leverage federal cash with funding for the state, local and private-sector levels.