Crowley Fuels Announces New Alaska Sales and Driver Hub

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/07/2017

Alaskan-based transportation company Crowley Fuels announced earlier this week the opening of its line haul trucking hub located in Palmer, Alaska.

According to Crowley Fuels, the Palmer location will serve as the operations hub for the transportation company’s fuel sales throughout Alaska as well as the maintenance and support center for line haul and local trucking equipment.

“The state-of-the-art facility will improve Crowley’s fleet safety, reliability and efficiency due to the expanded maintenance capabilities, improved work flow, and added capacity that the facility provides,” said Laura Yellig, Vice President of Crowley Fuels.

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Crowley reports that the Palmer hub will service the company’s nearly 20 trucks, 50 tank trailers and 27 line haul power units.

Crowley’s new facility will reportedly serve as a “home base” for company drivers, providing a location for driver training as well as a preparation site for long haul truckers readying to undergo a trip.

“The new facility has three bays, each accommodating any of our truck and trailer combinations,” said Jasper Hall, director, Highway Fuel Distribution. “This allows drivers to bring their set directly from the road to the shop, and have a comfortable and productive interaction with our maintenance staff. The facility bays provide space to thaw down and warm up trucks, a driver break room, a locker room and shower, as well as room for training – amenities that increase driver productivity and morale.”

Directors at Crowley Fuels report that the new hub is among the first of a series of updates to better provide fuel distribution across Alaska. Crowley reports that these advancements in safety and maintenance will aim to improvement communication within the company.

“Our customers expect and require safe, reliable fuel delivery. Well-maintained trucks are essential to meeting those expectations despite the challenges of the Alaskan environment. Our new shop features an automated drive-through truck wash and a comfortable, supportive ‘home base’ for our drivers. Courteous, professional drivers and clean trucks contribute to a positive customer experience – both for our customers and our customers’ customers,” Yellig said.

Crowley’s additions and new locations follow the company’s fourth award of “Alaska Safe Truck Fleet of The Year” from ConocoPhilips and the Alaska Trucking Association.