Dock411 and Women In Trucking Announce App To Ease Dock Planning Pains

by Jake Tully - Published: 6/06/2017

The Women In Trucking Association along with Dock411 have announced an app-based approach for drivers to better prepare for load pickup and delivery through Dock411’s mobile platform.

According to Dock411, the titular app offers drivers information on millions of companies across the United States in order to help them safely and securely find their dock location, identify potential hazards when maneuvering into a dock and establishing a more expedient time on the road.

Dock411 reports that the app offers drivers information on the platform, pertaining to certain locations including Wi-Fi accessibility, potential yard hazards and the type of area the warehouse in located in.

Eric Weidl, Co-founder of Dock411 reported that the information on the app is primarily “driver-sourced” meaning that drivers themselves supply the app with their own information and perspectives on a dock location.

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In partnering with Women In Trucking to acculturate more women into the trucking industry, Dock411 reports that three new questions have been added to the existing criteria, including questions about the friendliness of the personnel to a driver, if a driver was treated professionally and the cleanliness of a restroom.

“Through working with female drivers we learned that many times a dock’s restrooms are not adequate for cleanliness and may only have facilities for males,” said Dan Serewicz, Dock411 Co-founder. “In this case, female drivers may have to walk through the dock to the front office in order to use the restroom. In not knowing about that beforehand, a driver might feel awkward or uncomfortable.”

According to Dock411 co-founder Eric Weidl, yet one of the primary problems that drivers face is finding the specific location of a pick-up or drop-off location versus an address that is listed online.

Weidl says that one of the most beneficial uses of the app is not only finding an accurate dock location, but finding information about the location as listed by drivers themselves.

“The drivers using this app really want to know more than anything what other drivers have to say,” said Weidl.

Women In Trucking reported that the app is beneficial to female and male drivers alike, through having a more comprehensive guide to preparing for any potential challenges a dock may provide.

For more information on Dock411, users can visit their site, wherein the company reports a web-based platform will soon be launched.